Apps That Drain Smartphone Battery Fast

Apps That Drain Smartphone Battery Fast

Mobile phones have become a very important part of our daily life. Are you worried about your smartphone’s battery draining too quickly?

The biggest concern of smartphone users is battery drain. So it could be due to some apps on your phone which are also very popular.

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There are countless apps in the Google Play Store for Android phones, but most people only download the popular apps.

A research company, P-Cloud, has compiled a list of apps that drain a smartphone battery the fastest. As popular as these apps are, they take a huge toll on the phone’s battery life.

The top among them is the Fitbit app. So, the top battery-draining app is Skype, which consumes many resources in the background.

After that, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Zoom, YouTube, Telegram, Like, and LinkedIn are worth mentioning.

These apps use many resources like photos, Wi-Fi, locations, and others, even if dark mode is used, but they suck the battery very fast.

Every app consumes more energy when used, which increases the stress on the battery, and even when they are not used, they continue to work in the background, which also affects the battery life.

How to stop these apps from sucking battery?

Deleting these apps is not ideal, so the solution is to go to the battery in the settings menu and select battery usage age.

There it will be shown how much of the battery the apps installed in the phone used during the last 24 hours. If you find an app draining your battery more, close it and check for updates or delete it.

One way is to restart the phone, but after doing everything, if that app is still sucking the most battery life, then deleting it is the best option.