Be careful WhatsApp will close your Account

Be careful not to do this, otherwise WhatsApp will close your Account.

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application worldwide, is often the source of the spread of fake news. At the same time, it is sometimes the target of scammers and hackers, which causes users’ data to be considered unsafe. To ensure information safety, please control the alleged activities; they are banning immediate action against suspicious accounts. However, sometimes some ordinary users’ accounts are also banned. You also keep these few mistakes and secure your WhatsApp accounts.

Don’t spread false news

If you receive any forwarded message you have doubts about its accuracy, refrain from forwarding them further. If you spread misinformation-based messages in ignorance, other users may complain against you, and your account will be closed. In this regard, WhatsApp takes steps to just five users. The limit for forwarding is determined so that the message does not reach more people simultaneously.

Avoid sending an automatic message

Report to them as a spammer if automatic messages and Bulk messages are received. WhatsApp understands the machining language when you report such messages as spam, they are unnecessary and unnecessary and these messages sending accounts. Find out and ban them themselves. And if you are accustomed to sending Bulk messages, be careful if your account is also banned.

Avoid sending broadcast messages

Avoid sending broadcast messages or minimize this feature because doing so can make users send unnecessary messages to complain against you. As a result, you may face account suspension.

Take care of the privacy of others

Take care of the privacy of others as well as others, and set some limits. Never add any user to a group without his will. If a user forbids you from sending messages, refrain; otherwise, the user has the right to report a complaint against you, and your account may be closed if you receive a complaint more than once.

Follow the Rules of the WhatsApp

Do not violate WhatsApp rules, never be a means of spreading false news or information, nor harass anyone involved in any wrongdoing; otherwise, WhatsApp has a right to close your account.