Best keyword research tool for google ads

Keyword research is an essential part of any successful Google Ads campaign. Without proper keyword research, you risk targeting the wrong audience, using irrelevant keywords, and ultimately wasting your ad spend. In this blog post, we will be discussing the best keyword research tool for Google Ads and how you can use them to improve your campaign’s performance.

Google’s Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is a great place to start. This tool is free to use and provides a wealth of information on keyword trends, search volumes, and CPC estimates. You can also use it to create ad groups and campaigns, making it a great all-in-one solution for your keyword research needs. The Keyword Planner allows you to research keywords, create new keywords and ad groups, and see how they perform. You can also get data on how your keywords perform against your competition, and get historical data on how your keywords have performed in the past.


SEMrush is another powerful tool that is popular among SEO professionals. This tool offers a more in-depth analysis of keywords, including competitor research and detailed data on organic search results. The Keyword Magic feature allows you to find long-tail keywords that you may not have thought of on your own, which can help you target a more specific audience. With SEMrush, you can also conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors’ keywords, which can give you a better idea of what keywords you should be targeting to outrank them.


Ahrefs, is another powerful tool that is popular among SEO professionals. It offers a variety of features, including keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis. The Keywords Explorer tool allows you to search for keywords by volume, CPC, and difficulty. It also shows you the top organic search results for a particular keyword, giving you valuable insight into the competition. Ahrefs also allows you to analyze your own website’s keywords, which can help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your website for better search engine visibility.

Keywords Everywhere

Lastly, Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension that allows you to see search volume, CPC, and competition data for any keyword you search for on Google, Bing, and other search engines. It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool that can save you time and effort when researching keywords. It’s especially useful for searching for keywords on the go and the results can be exported to a CSV file.


In conclusion, the best keyword research tool for Google Ads will depend on your specific needs and budget. Google’s Keyword Planner is a great free option, while SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Keywords Everywhere offer more advanced features for a fee. Experiment with a few different tools to find the one that works best for you. One important thing to keep in mind is that keyword research is not a one-time task, it’s an ongoing process. As your business evolves, your keywords will change and you’ll need to adapt your campaigns accordingly. With the right tools and a little bit of effort, you can ensure that your campaigns are targeting the right audience with the right keywords, resulting in a more effective and profitable ad spend.