Dark web: The secret of the Internet that most people don’t know

There is another world on the Internet, called deep web and dark web; what are deep web and dark web? And how does it work? An extensive number of people do not know greatly about this.

On the Internet we use, to open any website, you have to write three times WWW which means world wide web, it is also called surface web, and light web but the most amazing thing for you is must be that the Internet which we cannot eliminate even by using it day and night is only four to five per cent of the entire Internet and the rest 95 per cent of the Internet is hidden from the eyes of the common people.

Why is this 95% of the Internet hidden from our eyes? Why can’t we see it? What is secreted in this hidden world of the Internet? Why is it hidden from ordinary people? What is done there? So today will discuss the answers to these questions.

The World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berner’s lee in 1989 and officially launched on August 6, 1991. Then this technology advanced at the speed of a bullet and reached this point, Gathering the whole world on one computer screen.

Due to the high web speed, document transfer and correspondence changed to email format, and companies and institutions started using it.

On the one hand, the whole world benefited from this blessing; on the other hand, David Cham wrote an article titled Security without identification. He alerted that people are failing to control their data due to excessive use of the World Wide Web. People don’t even know if their information is correct or outdated.

Therefore, the worry expressed by David Cham, today, everyone understands that Google, Facebook and different websites know so much about their users that even their close buddies or siblings may not understand so much. The world’s secret agencies also laid a spy net using the sources.

Here comes a strange twist in the Internet world, and states have started considering that there should be a system to secure data exchange on the Internet so that no one can steal it.
So, for this purpose, three researchers from the US Navy came up with the Onion Routing system.

The system was designed so no one could steal anyone’s data or open the website without permission. But a surprising change came when the US Naval Research Laboratory open-sourced the system, allowing anyone to use it, resulting in criminals worldwide using it. They started using it for heinous crimes called the dark web.

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