Does Google Chrome Incognito Mode guard web activities?

This question comes to mind while using the internet. Does Google Chrome Incognito Mode guard web activities? In today’s blog post, we will know all this. Read it yourself and share it with your friends.

Many people use incognito mode on the Google Chrome web browser, thinking that this way, websites will not be able to know their browsing activities or access their data.

But this is not true because while using incognito mode. However, the browser does not record (cookies) your history, import bookmarks or log in details of any online account, and does not hide your identity. The PS and other data are saved on the opened website.

Skip Websites Even on your office network cannot hide web activity in Incognito mode.

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In other words, Incognito Mode is not as private or secure as the name suggests, and the company is aware of it.

According to a Bloomberg report, Google marketing chief Lorraine Toal sent an email to CEO Sundar Pichai saying that we should make incognito mode truly private.

Google is also facing a lawsuit in the US over Incognito Mode, and filings revealed that company employees criticized the name and icon used for it in 2018.

A survey of 460 people found that 56.3 percent believe that incognito mode keeps their details private.

According to the researchers, most people don’t know that Incognito mode doesn’t just store browsing history on the computer. Still, the sites the user visits and third-party trackers can track the user and record online activities.