Easy Ways to Increase WiFi Speed

Easy Ways to Increase WiFi Speed

Nowadays, the Internet has become a necessity for life; if WiFi feels low, there are many ways you can improve Internet speed.

The presence of a router in the central part of a building is important for internet coverage everywhere; if the Router in the 2 -story building is on the first floor, place it on a closet or shelf so that the devices can get better signals on the second floor because Placing routers near walls, floors and metal items affects wireless signals.

Apart from this, the router antenna is usually multi-dimensional, i.e., it sends signals in every direction, so if you have kept the Router near the outer part of the house, then 50 % of the signal goes to the outer world.

The good thing is that nowadays, most routers have removed antenna and replaced the Omnidirectional antenna with a high -oath antenna so that the wireless signal goes where you want.

The most common wireless technology, 802.11 (wireless), works on 2.4 GHz frequency, the same as the frequency of multiple wireless products such as microwave ovens, resulting in interference between the device and the Router.

To avoid this, switch it to 2.4 to 5 GHz if you use a dual-band router.

5 GHz will improve the Internet speed and reduce signal interference with other wireless networks and devices. Signals of other wireless networks may affect the Internet speed, but modern routers can switch to different channels.

Most routers select a specific channel for you. Still, if the neighborhood wireless network uses the same channel, the signals can be affected, So go to the Router’s administrator interface and replace the channel.

If your network is open or the password is weak, one or 2 people may be using your network unauthorized.

Your Internet is affected if these people play 4K videos or games on your WiFi. It is possible to know which devices are using more data from Router’s admin interface, maybe someone in your home.

In addition, router makers often provide free updates, which increases the Router’s performance, so go to their website.

If you are using the old Router and cannot expect the best performance, the simplest solution is to use new modern routers. If there is a problem, restarting the Router can also help improve the internet speed. Because by doing so, the Router will choose a low -interference channel but should do it occasionally.

In addition, no method is working, and changing the router settings seems to be very difficult, and if there is money, you can buy WiFi Extenders, which can improve the wireless signal.

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