Feature to add more than 1000 people to WhatsApp groups

Feature to add more than 1000 people to WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp is the most operated messaging app on the planet. There are many other popular apps, but WhatsApp is the most used messaging app worldwide, providing free services to people worldwide.

Recently, WhatsApp has introduced many popular features keeping in mind its users. And many features are being tested, which include the features of users’ privacy, groups, etc.

You will find two versions of WhatsApp on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. One is WhatsApp, and the other is Business WhatsApp. Business WhatsApp is launched for businesses.

There are reports that the world’s most popular instant messaging application ‘WhatsApp’ is testing a feature that will allow more than 1,000 users to be added to any group.

WhatsApp introduced the facility to add more group members in June this year.

WhatsApp started testing the feature of adding more than 256, i.e., 512 people in groups in May 2022 and introduced the feature in June.

But news has emerged that WhatsApp experts are busy testing the feature to add twice as many people as the current group capacity.

According to the website ‘Web at Info,’ which observes WhatsApp, the examination of the latest feature has begun on the application, and the key has also been provided to limited users.

Under the latest feature, users will soon be capable of adding 1024 people to the group rather than 512, i.e., double the number of fellows.

Till a year ago, there was a capacity to add only 256 people to any WhatsApp group, but now, on users’ insistence, the management has increased this number four times.

Apart from this, WhatsApp has also presented additional features associated with groups. Currently, behind any user who leaves the group, the notification will not be visible to people further than the admin.

Apart from this, the feature of deleting inappropriate messages from users in groups the admin has also been introduced.