Flaws in Apple devices hackers can take control of them

The American technology company Apple has warned about a flaw in its products that could lead to the hacking of iPhones, iPods, and Mac computers. According to AFP, Apple has asked all its users to install emergency software updates. Apple released minor software updates on Wednesday and Thursday to fix the bug.

Apple added that it is aware of the report suggesting that the flaw may have been widely exploited. However, Apple did not say to what extent hackers have exploited the flaw. It has been pointed out that hackers can take control of Apple devices by hacking them and gaining access to their data.

Apple has released software updates to iPhones, iPods, and Mac computers whose operating systems are likely to be affected. It should be noted that the spying on Apple and Android smartphones was also revealed in June this year.

Google, the world’s largest search engine, has revealed that Apple and Android smartphones have been spied on in Italy and Kazakhstan with the help of tools from an Italian company. RCS Labs, a company based in Milan, Italy, has created means to access messages and contact lists.

According to the report, the company’s website also claims that European law enforcement agencies are its clients. After the news broke, an Apple spokesperson said the company had revoked all accounts and certificates linked to the hacking campaign.

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