Google Working on Satellite Connectivity Feature for Android 14

The iPhone 14 series is currently the only smartphone series that supports satellite connectivity, but Google is working on the feature for its upcoming Android 14 operating system.

Recent work on user interface elements for satellite-assisted communication in the Google Messages app has been spotted. Neil Rahmouni, a user of the social networking platform X (formerly Twitter), first spotted the emergency contact interface. However, he also clarified that it is currently not available for use.

Currently, Google Messages is the only Android app that works on satellite connectivity. One possible reason for this is that Google has yet to make its satellite communications APIs available to third-party applications, as tech journalist Mishal Rehman spotted earlier this month.

Once the satellite connectivity feature is available in Android 14, users will be able to easily send messages in case of sudden calamities, power outages, or any situation where the cellular network is down. This could be a life-saving feature for people who live in remote areas or who travel frequently to places with unreliable cell service.

Here are some additional details about the satellite connectivity feature in Android 14:

  • It will only work on devices that have the necessary hardware, such as a GPS chip and a radio that can communicate with satellites.
  • The messages sent over satellite will be limited in length and frequency.
  • The feature is still under development, so it is not yet clear when it will be released to the public.

Overall, the satellite connectivity feature in Android 14 is a promising development that could make it easier for people to stay connected in emergency situations. I will continue to follow this story and provide updates as more information becomes available.

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