Google Pixel 7 phone was introduced

Internet technology giant Google introduced its ‘Pixel 7’ and ‘Pixel 7 Pro phones along with earphones and watches.

The company presented all the devices and instantly made them available for online sale in several countries in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Still, they are not even available for online sale in most countries. It is considered that the ‘Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro’ will go on a deal in several countries by next month.

Google’s Pixel 7 phones are being touted as the company’s best, with the fastest speeds, upgraded technology, and water resistance, including mud.

Pixel 7 Pro

This time, the company introduced its best phone, ‘Google Pixel 7 Pro’, with a 7.6-inch screen. There are three cameras on the back of this phone, out of which the primary camera is 50, the second is 48, while the third is a 12-megapixel camera, and there are even several sensors.

The phone has a 10-megapixel selfie camera on the front and has boosted wide and macro detector technology. Also, Google has introduced camera technology with special features for sharing videos created for social sharing applications Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

The phone offers 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB to 256 GB of memory and is equipped with a chip with advanced G2 technology. A 5000 mAh battery powers the phone, and the company claims that the phone can last up to 72 hours. The phone also comes with a fingerprint sensor and face recognition technology, and this phone’s starting price is USD 900.

Google Pixel 7

The company has presented this phone with a 3.6-inch screen and two rear cameras. The main camera on the back of this phone is 50, while the second one is 12 megapixels, and the front camera is 8 megapixels. This phone offers 8 GB of RAM and 128 to 256 GB of memory.

It has a 4300 mAh battery, and the company claims it can last up to 24 hours while making calls and playing videos. This phone even has face recognition technology, including fingerprint, and the company maintains pricing this phone up to 600 USD.

Google Pixel 6A

Along with the Pixel 7 phones, the company has also introduced the slightly cheaper Pixel 6 phone, offering a 6-inch screen. The phone offers 6 GB of RAM and 128 to 256 GB of memory.

It also contains two cameras on the back, a 50-megapixel camera, and a 12-megapixel camera on the front. The battery of this mini phone is kept up to 4400 mAh, priced at USD 500.

Apart from the three phones, the company has also introduced Google Watch and earphones, adding advanced features and technology.