How to get job in apple? CEO mentioned 4 important qualities

How to get job in apple? CEO mentioned 4 important qualities. An educated person desires a job in the world’s recognized technology enterprises, Google, Apple, or Microsoft. Still, evaluating how qualified they are for these jobs is a bit challenging.

However, this difficulty has been simplified by Tim Cook, the American technology company Apple’s chief executive officer (CEO).

Just the shared what qualities he looks for in the workers he hires for the company, so if you have these qualities, you can gain a job at a great company like Apple.

According to foreign media reports, in an interview given during the opening ceremony of an Italian university, Tim Cook said that Apple’s success is directly related to its culture.

During the same interview, Apple’s CEO talked about the qualities the company looks for in its hiring candidates.

What are the qualities that Apple looks for when employing a candidate?

Work collaboratively

Tim Cook said that because Apple builds its products through collaborative efforts, it is important that every company employee works collaboratively and closely as a team.


Apple’s CEO said the company is looking for somebody who thinks differently. Those who can solve a problem differently. In addition, they have a passion for doing something new.

People with curiosity

In addition, Cook said that he likes someone who questions, like kids, who are interested in trying and learning something new.

People who are experts in their work

In the end, Cook said that the Apple corporation wants to add someone with expertise in the appropriate field to its team. Workers fully skilled in their work can work excellently with our company.

He said that if the workers have these qualities, the company works excellently in a suitable environment.

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