Meta Quest Pro – Meta New Virtual Reality Headset

Meta Quest Pro – Meta New Virtual Reality Headset

Hello friends, today we will talk about Meta’s virtual reality headset. Meta’s most popular products have changed the world. People spend most of their time using them. Please read the article yourself and share it with your friends.

Meta, the parent company of the social networking website Facebook, has introduced a new headset equipped with virtual reality technology that has been developed keeping in mind the needs of professionals.

According to the news agency AFP, this headset introduced as ‘Meta Quest Pro’ has several new features through which the user can play daily routines in a better way and the artificial world. You can have fun.

With the advantage of the most suitable cameras established in this headset, the wearer can usefully consider the virtual world and the natural environment.

Mark Zuckerberg, head of Meta, said of the headset that as soon as the user smiles or even raises his eyebrows, all these expressions will appear on his avatar’s face, a digital likeness.

Headset Quest Pro is priced at $1500 and is available for ordering at online marts.

Meta is partnering with computer software maker Microsoft and others to adapt business software to virtual worlds using Quest Pro.

According to Rolf Ellenberger, head of the American technology company ‘VR Direct’, Meta attempts to present its headset as an alternative to laptops.

Additionally, Meta is fronting a fall in advertisement and inflexible competitors from different platforms like TikTok, due to which the company is facing economic difficulties.

Meta’s principal technology officer, Andrew Bowes, tells Quest’s apps in the App Store have generated millions of dollars in earnings.

At least one and a half billion have been paid on apps and games in the Quest Store, while the famous game Iron Man will also be obtainable for download in November.