Simple tips to make your old Android phone look new

Your Android phone gets old with time, and that’s why its performance suffers, but the good thing is that it can prevent these problems.

First, it is important to clean your phone as dust, dirt, and other debris can collect in the charging ports and speakers.

This shortens the life of the smartphone.

But the most important thing is the phone settings you may not have touched before.

It may be hard to believe, but you can make your Android phone perform like new in just a few minutes.

Learn about a few simple tips that help keep your phone running smoothly.

Delete all unused apps

Spend a few minutes on the home screen or app drawer and delete all the apps you don’t use.

These apps not only fill up valuable phone storage but can also access personal details.

How to delete an app depends on the manufacturer of the phone, and of course, you know the procedure.

Cleaning up old files

Also, check the saved files in Android phones after deleting old apps.

It is easy to forget files after downloading them, like a video file sent by a friend or others.

The number of these files increases over time and fills up the phone’s storage.

First, check the Downloads folder in the phone and then check the other folders assigned to it; move the necessary files to Google Drive while deleting the rest.

Make the phone look new by changing the home screen settings

One of the highlights of the Android operating system is phone customization.

From installing app icon packs to changing the phone launcher, plenty of options are available.

For this purpose, one has to go to the home screen settings, and there you will find several new options that will make the phone feel brand new.

In most Android phones, it is possible to go to the home settings after long pressing on the blank area of ​​the home screen, and then you can go there and choose the settings you like.

Optimize device settings

By going to the phone settings, you can change most of the features; for example, dark mode not only makes the app look better but also increases the phone’s battery life.

On some phones, it’s even possible to prevent app icons from automatically moving to the home screen.

Focus on privacy options

Go to the permissions manager under privacy in the phone settings and go through each category to see which apps collect personal data.

If you see an app that you don’t want to be able to access your location, turn it off.

You can do the same with contacts, calendars, or cameras.

With these tips, you can make your phone look like new.

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