Strange problem has been revealed in the iPhone 14 series

Apple introduced the iPhone 14 series in September, now available to consumers worldwide.

Several new features have been introduced in this series of phones, one of which is crash detection.

Under this feature, the iPhone contacts emergency services for assistance if a car accident occurs.

But this feature has a strange side effect, calling 911 even during roller coaster rides.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, several rescue teams have recently been sent to amusement parks in the US because the crash detection feature senses that the roller coaster ride is an emergency.

For this feature, Apple has installed several sensors in the iPhone 14 series that contact emergency services in case of an accident.

When the iPhone senses an accident, it issues an alert, and if the alert is not turned off, the phone contacts the emergency services after 20 seconds and informs them of the accident site.

And that’s what Apple’s new iPhones have done several times in recent times, but at the wrong time.

The report also shared a tweet about when the iPhone 14 owner enjoyed the roller coaster ride.

iPhone users have encountered this problem at amusement parks across the United States.

Note that this feature is currently only available to users in certain countries like the US; otherwise, similar reports would have surfaced in other countries by now.