Successful pig kidney transplantation in humans

In America, the experiment of pig kidney transplantation in humans was successful.

According to foreign media, a person declared mentally dead has been transplanted with a pig kidney.

In this regard, American surgeons say that the kidney of a genetically modified pig is active in humans for 32 days.

According to the surgeons, they are hopeful that the pig kidney will continue to function as normal in the affected person.

American surgeons say that the normal functioning of a pig’s kidney in a human is a great advance, and it is hoped that the pig’s kidney will function normally in other humans as well.

What is this surgery called?

In the medical world, this type of surgery is called xenotransplantation, in which organs or tissues from one type of organism are transferred to another type of organism.

According to a conservative estimate, 17 people die every day in the United States simply because they are waiting for a human organ transplant.

Medical experts say that despite this successful surgery, there are many hurdles apart from regulatory approval.

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