Twitter fired most of its employees in India

Twitter fired most of its employees in India on the orders of Elon Musk.

As soon as Elon Musk took over the running of Twitter, he started laying off employees; Twitter fired many employees.

According to the global media, most dismissed employees belong to Twitter India; it is estimated that 200 people were working in Twitter India. Still, the news has not yet been confirmed as to how many employees have been fired by Elon Musk.

Elon Musk has also fired staff working on the US election; some fired employees were to monitor the election, and some were tasked with uncovering facts related to misleading tweets and contacting some campaign staff. Some dismissed employees were also responsible for responding to rumors by contacting journalists.

It should be noted that there are 4 days left in the US mid-term elections, while Elon Musk has indicated that 50 percent of the company’s employees will be fired, which is more than 37 thousand.

On the other hand, lawsuits are filed by fired employees at Twitter. Bloomberg reports that the case has been filed in federal court in San Francisco, with workers alleging that they were given notices to fire them. The term is not given, which is against federal and California law.

Twitter management said in an email on Thursday that to get Twitter back on a healthy path, we will be going through the difficult process of reducing our workforce worldwide.

Friday’s RoseTwitter offices were temporarily closed and suspended access by all badges used to log in.

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On Friday morning, Twitter workers from departments including ethical AI, marketing and communications, search, public policy, wellness, and other teams tweeted regarding the leaves.

Elon Musk has directed teams at Twitter Inc. to cut infrastructure costs by up to a billion dollars annually.

Before, Elon Musk formed a new one by removing many workers as soon as he took control of Twitter. Elon Musk removed CEO Prag Agarwal and Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal from the company.

Similarly, the company’s chief policy chief Vijay Gode and general counsel, Sen Adjit, were also fired. Also, Elon Musk ordered Twitter’s chief customer officer Sarah Personal to leave the company.

After a fresh start with layoffs, many questions about Twitter’s future and policies are raised. Elon Musk also said in an open letter to advertisers that Twitter could not become a free-for-all where they can say anything without consequence.

Musk has also revealed that he notices Twitter as a platform to create a super app, showing everything from repositioning money to shopping and choosing a ride.

What will be the future of Elon Musk’s Twitter? What else will they change, and what will these multiple famous social media platforms look different? I will answer many questions soon, but the old Twitter is dying.