Elon Musk’s Controversial Decision: Social Media Platform ‘X’ to Remove Block Feature

Elon Musk, the owner of the social media company X (formerly known as Twitter), has stirred up controversy once again by announcing a significant change. He has stated that the platform will no longer offer the option to block accounts of unwanted users.

The blocking feature on the social media platform ‘X’ is highly valued by users. It allows them to prevent specific accounts from appearing in their feed or being followed. Additionally, users rely on this feature to shield themselves from hateful and harassing content.

When you block a specific account, that user loses the ability to view your posts or follow you. However, Elon Musk has revealed that this feature will be discontinued.

In a concise statement on his social media account, he mentioned, “Block is being removed as a feature; however, the block feature in messages (DMs) will remain unchanged.”

Although Elon Musk did not provide a specific reason or timeline for this change, he reassured users that the mute function would remain available on the platform. This function silences notifications from muted accounts but still allows them to view your posts and interact with them.

Conversely, in the current system, blocked users receive a notification informing them of the action taken against them. If the new policy is implemented, it remains uncertain whether currently blocked accounts will be automatically unblocked.

Nevertheless, users do have an alternative option to protect themselves: they can make their accounts private, restricting access to their tweets to only approved followers.

A report from the foreign news agency Reuters indicates that CEO Elon Musk champions the principle of unrestricted freedom of expression. However, some critics contest this stance, attributing the rise in hate speech to Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter. Furthermore, certain governments have accused the company of inadequate content control on the platform.

The decision to remove the ‘Block’ feature from social media platform ‘X’ may potentially clash with the terms and conditions set by Apple’s App Store and Google Play Stores.

Apple mandates that apps include a way to block abusive users, while the Google Play Store requires an in-app system to block users’ content or accounts.

If X proceeds with the removal or limitation of the blocking feature, it could potentially violate Apple and Google Play Store guidelines.

Social activist Monica Lewinsky has appealed to X’s owner to reconsider the move to remove the block feature, emphasizing its importance in safeguarding users.

Linda Yacarino, X’s Chief Executive, has come forward to support Elon Musk’s decision. She states, “The safety of all X users is our top priority, and we’re working on enhancing features that go beyond blocking and muting.” Elon Musk and Linda Yacarino have not disclosed specific details about when the block feature will be removed.

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